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Pregnant Alexandra Burke Describes Debilitating IBS Battle As She Makes First TV Appearance After Announcing Pregnancy

When making the first broadcast appearance after announcing her pregnancy, 34-year-old Alexandra Burke discusses her crippling IBS battle. The singer revealed that she and her football lover Darren Randolph were expecting a child on Instagram on Tuesday.

Alexandra Burke Opens Up About Debilitating IBS Battle During Pregnancy

After learning the wonderful news, the West End performer spoke about her agonizing fight with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), a disease that formerly caused her to have “agonizing” cramps while playing on stage, on Wednesday, April 5, 2023, on “Morning.” Cramping, stomach discomfort, bloating, gas, diarrhea, and constipation are all signs of irritable bowel syndrome, a chronic digestive disorder that requires long-term management.

Although they might continue for days, weeks, or months at a time, symptoms frequently come and go over time. The singer told broadcasters Dermot O’Leary and Alison Hammond how the disease first appeared: “It started in my early twenties right after The X Factor and it came to the point where She felt like it was out of control and an out-of-body experience.

She was embarrassed and too hesitant to talk about it, which was unfortunate, she said. All of the symptoms are ones that you ordinarily don’t want to talk about, but since so many people experience them every day, she is here discussing them at this moment, which is a good time.

The soon-to-be mother of two has discussed the effects that several bouts of cramping and bloating have had on her life in an effort to raise awareness about IBS throughout April. In the UK, the condition affects one to two out of every ten individuals. And whether a person is a celebrity or not, the symptoms of this illness can have a profound effect on their lives. The 34-year-old Alexandra talked about how the lengthy diagnosing process affected her and how changing her lifestyle has helped to reduce her symptoms.

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The West End versions of The Bodyguard Musical, Strictly Come Dancing, and Sister Act Musical, among others, have included Alexandra since she won the fifth season of the reality singing competition in 2008. Since then, she has released three albums and made appearances on various programs.

Burke has recently spoken up more about her struggle with IBS, a disease that formerly caused her to have excruciating cramps while on stage. After The X Factor, it started in my early twenties, and it progressed to the point where She felt out of control and had an out-of-body experience.

The singer also said that doing so changed her life and that he wanted to ensure that others felt free to follow in her footsteps. She shared some pictures of her spouse cuddling her belly on Tuesday along with the news of her second pregnancy. Alexandra was lucky not to run across any of it, in reality. She claims that since she discussed Symprove long before becoming pregnant. Since using Symprove, she has been doing incredibly well, and her pregnancy has been wonderful for her.

She experienced pains and a persistent want to use the restroom, which caused her to constantly worry about what she could eat. The amusing part, according to Burke, was that whenever she had all of these symptoms, she would also assume that something else, such as anxiety, had caused it. During IBS Awareness Month, this was done to increase public awareness of the problem. Everything was greatly impacted by anxiety.

She admitted to missing meals prior to performances since the discomfort would only subside after eating. I would do a concert when famished. It just got to the point where She realized she couldn’t stand it any longer since it was that horrible. The singer ultimately sought medical attention and began the process of discussing the ailment, which she characterized as a “taboo topic,” after years of suffering in silence.

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Burke’s appearance on the ITV program comes after the news of her second pregnancy was made public. Burke had it nine months after giving birth to her first child, whose name and gender she has not yet disclosed. To celebrate the good news, the celebrity posted a number of pregnancy images with 34-year-old AFC Bournemouth goalie Randolph. She added a white love emoji to the post’s caption and wrote, “We are so excited to do this all over again.”

Nine months have passed since the couple’s first child was born, yet neither gender nor name has been made public. The 34-year-old announced on Instagram on Tuesday that she and her partner, Darren Randolph, are expecting a child.

The two went to Dubai and posted photos of their trip. Burke also posted a rare snapshot of their newborn on Instagram. The name and gender of their kid have not been disclosed by the couple. The former X-Factor contestant is now opening up about major health conditions that she has been facing in secret for years.



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