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Britney Spears Ditches Her Wedding Ring

When Britney Spears was on vacation in Puerto Rico, they were seen hanging out. Because the singer has been photographed without both her wedding ring and her spouse Sam Asghari, there are rumors that their relationship may be in trouble. The pop icon has been updating her social media from a trip to Hawaii, where she is now traveling with her friend and former manager Cade Hudson. Asghari is nowhere to be found. Fans have been speculating about the status of Spears’ marriage due to the fact that she is vacationing with the dashing Hudson in a stunning, tropical location.

Britney Spears Ditches Her Wedding Ring

The singer had previously been seen dancing with a man who is not her husband, Sam Asghari, while not wearing her wedding ring in Mexico. Apparently, the two began dating in 2016 after meeting on the filming of the pop star’s popular Slumber Party music video. Asghari portrays Spears’ romantic interest in the video.

The two were frequently photographed together throughout the years, and in September 2021, they announced their engagement. Soon after, Spears’ 13-year conservatorship ended in November 2021, bringing about yet another significant upheaval in her life. They were wed in June 2022, however, it appears that they are having relationship problems right now.

In photos obtained exclusively by Page Six, Spears, 41, is seen wearing an off-the-shoulder black romper as she enters a Starbucks in the beach town of Dorado. She appeared to be perusing the menu next to the unknown man and, at one point, was seen looking up at him while taking a sip from her tumbler cup.

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According to a witness quoted by the station, the man was heard speaking in Spanish. The informant said that after he placed his order, they both departed in the same automobile. The get-together occurs only a few days after the singer was spotted at LAX airport sans her wedding band with manager and pal Cade Hudson.

Two days later, her husband Sam Asghari was seen leaving a vehicle valet in Los Angeles while wearing his wedding ring. His representative, however, informed Page Six that he had simply taken off the ring since he was currently filming a movie. The representative also mentioned that Asghari was working and couldn’t go on vacation with his wife. There isn’t any such conflict in the couple’s marriage, the source said earlier this week.

Later, Spears uploaded videos of herself having fun in the sun at a beach and flaunting some skin-tight outfits in her hotel room in Hawaii. It is evident that the celebrity’s wedding band, which was a straightforward yet stylish 4-carat round brilliant stone in a platinum cathedral setting, was missing.

Some admirers questioned whether the singer’s marriage was having problems. Her wedding ring was last seen in an Instagram post that she made in January when she displayed a new tattoo she’d acquired while visiting Maui. Asghari was also traveling at the time, although she is not shown in the video.

The actor and model have disputed the rumors of a breakup and was most recently seen wearing his wedding band once more. Sam is not experiencing marital problems, according to a representative for the actor, who added that he just removed it while filming. Considering that the actor and singer couple only got married 10 months ago, the ring and split dispute occurs quite early in the couple’s relationship. In June 2022, the Toxic singer wed the hot Iranian American.

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Asghari was seen without his wedding band on Mar. 30 while running errands close to their Thousand Oaks property, just days after Spears left LA. The significance of the ring’s disappearance was the subject of media speculation, however, Asghari afterward shared an Instagram story in which the ring is unmistakably visible. It remains a mystery as to why Spears chose to spend time with her old manager in gorgeous Hawaii but not with her maybe still-current spouse.

In May 2022, the couple lost their baby, whose arrival they had long anticipated. For every parent, this is a painful period. The singer of Baby One More Time stated at the time, “We were extremely pleased to share the wonderful news, but perhaps we should have waited to disclose until we were further along.” The pop star’s ex-husband, Kevin Federline, alleged that Britney was a horrible mother to their two sons, which sparked a discussion between Britney and Asghari.

Spears expressed her sadness after learning that her ex-husband wanted to discuss their relationship with their children. From 2004 through 2007, Federline and Britney were wed, and during that time, Jayden and Sean were born. Spears married Jason Alexander, a childhood friend, for 55 hours in 2004.



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