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The Kerala Story Movie Trailer – Release Date, Cast, Budget, And Storyline. Read Details Inside

Adah Sharma’s The Kerala Story, which will be released on May 5, already has a trailer out there. With its assertion that 32,000 women from Kerala were allegedly forcibly converted and recruited by the militant group ISIS, the film, which was directed by Sudipto Sen and produced by Vipul Amrutlal Shah, courted controversy.

The Kerala Story, a coming movie based on a real event, is the topic of debate. This film is about some girls who live in Kerala who decide to change their religion. This film was directed by Sudipto Sen. The entire trailer lasts 2.46 minutes.

The plot of this film is based on a contentious event. In the trailer, a Hindu family is depicted, and they appear to be happy and fulfilled. The girl, a college student, is displayed with a total of four female friends. One of those Muslim friends always speaks at his best. A Muslim girl is depicted in the trailer as brainwashing everyone and converting girls from Christian and Hindu castes to Islam. The main goal after that is to convince those girls to join ISIS. The film essentially showed how a girl joined Isis and converted their cast.

In November of last year, the movie’s teaser was revealed. Following this, Chennai-based Tamil writer BR Aravindakshan complained to the Censor Board and the Central Ministry of Communications over the “Kerala Story.” The claim made in the teaser was that 32,000 young women in Kerala were converted and sold to ISIS. This accusation is a massive falsehood, according to Rahul Eshwar and others.

The film’s suspension was asked about in the lawsuit. Kerala is being depicted as a region that supports terrorists, the suit adds. The complaint says that the preview is intended to sow communal hatred and that final clearance should only be granted after comparing the assertions made in the movie to the knowledge held by the Union Home Ministry.

Additionally, the teaser received criticism from a variety of sources, including Congress lawmaker VD Satheesan, who called for the film’s suspension for propagating false information.

Moreover, the teaser for ‘The Kerala Story’ elicited strong reactions from both fans and critics. The film was hailed by the majority of the audience as “brave,” “unapologetic,” and “unbiased.” It applauded the filmmakers for striving to depict a narrative that few would dare to tell.

Vipul Amritlal Shah, the film’s producer, retorted that the claims made in the movie are supported by proof. In due course, complaints against the movie will be handled. Facts and statistics help people understand their questions. They are free to accept or reject. According to the producer, four years of study went into the making of the movie by director Sudeepto Sen.

The Kerala Story’s director and writer, Sudipto Sen, asked the audience to watch the film first before chanting anti-government slogans following widespread outrage on social media. Sen tweeted, “Folded hand, I request all of you to watch the film first. The country’s best, award-winning technicians worked with a super young team for seven long years and delivered one sensible cinema. We agree to disagree. But please watch the film first.” Watch now:

Star Cast and Creators of The Kerala Story

Adah Sharma, who plays the part of a girl named Shalini Unnikrishnan, will play a crucial role in the Kerala story. Yogita Bihani, Benedict Garrett, Bhavna Makhija, and Siddhi Idnani, in addition to Adah Sharma, performed the lead parts.

Sudipto Sen is the film’s director, while Suryapal Singh and Vipul Amrutlal Shah are its writers. The film’s screenplay was also written by Sudipto Sen. Ashin A. Shah of Sunshine Pictures is funding the film.

Release Date for The Kerala Story 

The Kerala Story, a film, will be released in theatres throughout the world on May 5, 2023, when it will be completely ready for audiences to witness. The movie’s creators used social media to publicize its official release date.



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